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Jacaranda Trees and A Lovely City called Johannesburg

Dscf1925Waking up in the city of Johannesburg is a site for sore eyes.  I'm on the top floor of a great little hotel in the Rosebank area and the view from my room is sprinkled with the most vibrant and gorgeous purple trees you've ever seen. They're called jacaranda trees and seriously, they are the most stunning things to lay eyes on every morning.  All their little purple petals float to the ground (it reminds me of Charleston) and everywhere you look they pop up out of nowhere and pepper the landscape with soft tufts of brilliant color.  I became obsessed with them the minute I saw them.  Interesting fact:  JBG is the worlds largest man-made forest (jacarandas are indigenous to Australia and South American) and these little trees are becoming a hindrance because of their pods and petals locking up the sewers and such.  They're talking about removing them all together but I seriously doubt that would ever happen.   Can you imagine ripping these beauties from the ground?


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