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The Untrampled Back Roads of South Africa~

Dscf2139One of the most stunning landscapes I've ever seen is dead in the center of South Africa near a tiny town called Harrismith.  When you drive thru the village, you'd think you were in a perfect town in Vermont on a hot summer day.  If you head off of Route 74, though, you will come upon an area that brings to life The Land of the Lost.  Rolling hills, green pastures, mammoth lakes, and magnificent sunsets. Twisting thru the winding roads feels like stepping back into history and when our crew stopped to shoot the brilliant orange sunset, we were totally alone.  No better time to blast the radio (ironically, the song "Tennessee" came on) and dance silly in the back valleys of South Africa.  Life does not get any lovelier and I cannot wait to head back over there next week.  Bye-bye winter, hello summer~~


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