Insanely Perfect Granola at Mogan's Cafe in Pacific Palisades~
OW Leadership Academy in South Africa~Aired on ABC Last Night to LOADS of TEARS~~

Chinatown's Pho 87 in Downtown LA

Img_0305The day I left LA, I decided to swing thru Chinatown for lunch.  I haven't been in downtown LA for years and years so I was excited to see how tidy and clean the entire area of downtown LA had become--it was awesome, actually.  Big, drooping palm trees hung over all of the freeways and the vibe felt like downtown Chicago (which I was jonesing for like mad). I hit up Hill St. (the main strip in Chinatown) and the first place to catch my eye was actually a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho 87, on the Northern edge of the community.  Since moving to ERP, I've been hitting up Little Vietnam on a weekly basis, so this was the one.  Can I just tell you--THE BEST Vietnamese food ever.  They looked at me like I was crazy when I ordered sugar cane shrimp (chao tom), shrimp fried rice and baby eggrolls. Both the shrimp and the eggrolls came with rice paper that you have to dunk in water to get soft and a big plate full of fresh ingredients that you stuff inside the little homemade packet: fresh mint, fresh basil, big leaves of lettuce, vermicelli noodles, etc...I managed to stuff myself silly before heading to LAX, but now I know where I'll be next time I'm out West~And, seriously...the eggrolls were light as air and so freakin delish--I ate all 8 of them--yikes!


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