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Egg Fried Rice with Pesto Tofu~~

Dscn2874_1When I returned from Bali last April, I came back with a full-fledged addiction to rice.  The lovely folks over there eat it for every meal (nasi goreng is the most main meal) and there couldn't be more beautiful, healthier looking people in the world (everyone claims that rice makes you overweight...well, tell that to the Balinese Nana whose been eating it for 90 years and is thin as a reed with not a wrinkle in sight). Anyway, earlier this week, I had some leftover rice in the fridge and decided to whip up my favorite dish--egg fried rice.  Now, if you can believe it, I've never made fried rice before, so it was just a bit of a sling together and I tossed in some pesto flavored tofu that I'd just picked up at Sunflower Market...can I just say that I was so happy with my meal, I was hopping? It was the most delightful (and simple) dish and will now become an instant staple in my home.  Here is the recipe:

Take some pesto tofu and chop it up.  Toss it in a bit of sizzling sesame oil.
Cook until brown.
Throw in some day old rice (mine was literally a week old) and cook until soft...let it keep cooking til it starts to get a little toasty.
Make a pocket/nest in the middle of the rice.
Throw in a couple of shipped up eggs.  Let cook for a minute
and then mix the entire mess together until all the egg is cooked through.
Load into a bowl, douse liberally with soy sauce and go nuts with some chopsticks.
It's just so good, a big spoon might have to come into play.

*If I'd had green onion, I'd have tossed that in too...


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