Summer in the City Comes Early {From The Raving Dish}
What a Dollar Buys in Baja~A Perfect Fish Taco for Starters!

LA is Great...Because Baja is So Close~

Img_0199See, that's the one good thing about Los Angeles...its proximity to Mexico.  Hell if you're in LA and have wheels, you can be in Baja within 2 hours.  Which is exactly where I spent the day.  I'm actually out in LA for work, but since I had yesterday off, I woke up at the crack of dawn, headed south to San Diego to check out some sailboats and within moments after viewing my dream boat, I shot over the border into Mexico. I drove all the way down to the new marina, Puerto Salina, to check out their slips and grabbed fish tacos x 2 along the way. Of course, proper fish tacos were my first priority upon touching down on Mexican soil. My favorite--perfectly executed--fish tacos (with strawberry daiquiri chaser, of course) were at this great little restaurant called La Fonda (pix on left).  It's a long time haven for surfers, expats and day trippers and since they have a little hotel on the beach and have recently added a spa, you can swim, surf, stuff your face, nap, get a facial, have drinks, get a massage and then hit the sack without ever having to go anywhere else.  La Fonda is at KM 59 off Highway 1-D.Img_0205Img_0209



Now that looks like a real fish taco!

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