LA is Great...Because Baja is So Close~
What's Doin' at the Mexican Border?

What a Dollar Buys in Baja~A Perfect Fish Taco for Starters!

Img_0186And, then of course there are the dollar tacos.  Once you cross the border into Baja and slam through the chaos that is Tijuana, you hit these little roadside huts that are pumping out the best and cheapest fish tacos...The little hut dubbed Tacos El Palomito #2 is just past Rosarito and for a dollar, you get a delicious made to order fish taco.  The sides are simply different heats of salsa, cold cream, chopped cabbage and sunburst limes.  This little treat is the pure essence of Baja through and through.  And, just in case you miss this truck, no worries--a few KM's down the road, there is Tacos El Palomito #1.  The lines just wrap around the truck and both of the chica's runnin' the grill are happy as a goose to dole out these delicious tacos.


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