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El Milagro Marina...A Patch of Paradise

Img_0423The very idea of living on a sailboat makes my heart thump.  Be it for a month, a year or forever, this sort of living is definitely on the horizon for me.  You know, you work your bootie off, you pay your bills, you save your money, you daydream about sunny skies and beach living every single day and then someday...wham!  you are just ready to make the commitment.  I am not quite there yet (just by a hair, though) because I am having too much fun at my current job and loving my new place on Lake Michigan too much....but still, the dream still grows and evolves and seems to just get better and more refined as time passes.  No matter where I go (if it is coastal), I always scout out the marina just to see whats doing.  The El Milagro Marina on Isla Mujeres is way cute and right up my alley.  Unfortunately, it is much more expensive to dock there than other places in Mexico ($1 per foot--PER DAY), but they do have a fantastic little set up...very user friendly, amazing views, tiny community, clean showers and toilets and some local fisherman who swing by with the days catch on a regular basis.  If you are down that way, check it out for sure~it's definitely what dreams are made of!


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