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Just a Few Things That Are Makin' Me Happy as a Clam Right Now~

Img_0967Well, first and foremost, I need to start this entry by saying that I just bought a 30' sailboat here in Chicago AND I got a star dock at Montrose Harbor (the best place to have a sailboat in Chicago).  This is very exciting news and one that makes me STONE-COLD delighted for summer to hurry up and get here.  But, there are indeed a slew of other things that are making me happy as can be right now.  Here's the short list:
1. Borani Badinjan--You have not tasted eggplant cooked up proper until you partake in this sinfully soft platter of eggplant at the Afghan Restaurant on Devon.  Toss it on a pile of rice and it is nothing short of nirvana.
2. Elf Owls--I downloaded the most pleasant ring tone of Elf owls calling from the endangered species list and it now makes me happy when my phone rings--as opposed to making me want to hurl the thing into Lake Michigan
3.  The new boat (currently named Free 'n' Easy)--but I think I will rename her Tennessee Gypsy.
4. The fact that my little condo is slammed from the sun on three sides and it's like living in a greenhouse/bird sanctuary right on the lake.  I also love the wind chimes tinkling, the tulips poppin' up on the walk to my front door and the fact that I can find parking directly in front of my place.
5.  I'm really delighted in all my recycling efforts and the fact that I've created a system that has not overtaken my kitchen and back porch.
6.  I am lovin' this pilates class I have been taking. Wish I could go more, for sure...but some is better than nada.
7.  Still WORSHIPING the cafe con leche at La Unica on Devon.  I have no words for the sensation of that very first, sugary sweet sip that I slurp down every AM.
8. Avocados.  Right now, I'm eating them with salt--just all by their lonesome.  Sometimes two a day. 
9. I am so happy that my little herbs are sprouting.  I just slung entire packs of seeds in some dirt in my window and already little buds of cilantro, chives and basil are poppin' up.  LOVE THEM.
10.  The friggin' boat.  I mean, I just gotta get real and comprehend that I live on Lake Michigan.  If that is the case, well then...a sailboat is a must.  She shall be put in soon, very soon~~~


Kitchen Chick

So is that the eggplant dish in the picture? It looks delish!

I had the chance to eat at an Afghan restaurant once in Minneapolis. Wonderful food.

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