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Nuevo Leon Pandaria in Pilsen~Hello Sweet Heaven!

Img_0828One of my favorite 'hoods in Chi is Pilsen and it has a lot to do with the panaderia's that populate every single vibrant street corner.  You can barely walk down 18th St. without catching a whiff of bread baking, sweets cooling off or coffee brewing. Good lord at what those smells do to the mindframe.  One of the very best is Nuevo Leon (not the restaurant, but the bakery), just a few doors down from Mundial Cocina Mestiza.  The place is literally a palace of sugar.  From creamy cheese and fruit stuffed pastries, to gigantic whipped topping covered chocolate cupcakes, every single item that lines the stack of trays toward the back looks like it came straight out of cake and cookie heaven. All items are cheap to boot (you won't find a $4 cupcake in this casa) and you'd do best to buy a giant sack of goodies every time you stop by.  Trust me...they go down fast and furious!


Jasmin Sepulveda

With over 30 years of expertise in the business, not only does Nuevo Leon Bakery offer fresh, sweet Mexican bread everyday, BUT it also makes homemade style "tortillas de harina" every day! YUMMY!
Panaderia Nuevo Leon, located in the heart of Pilsen and in the heart of the Mexican community, has served all these because of the quality of service and pastries it provides. AND will continue to do so for many more to come, "al estilo y con su sabor autenticamente NorteƱo"!!
So if your looking for great tasting bread, tortillas, AND great service...
Nuevo Leon Bakery is the place to go!

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