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The Little Owl--Perfection in NYC

Img_1051I have a new favorite restaurant in NYC.  It's a tiny gem in the West Village called The Little Owl.  I was just there this past weekend and talk about the perfect place to eat.  Of course, I only had brunch, but if dinner is anything like brunch, watch out.  I tired SEVERAL mimosa's with fresh squeezed grapefruit, awesome eggs benedict, whole grain pancakes with crystal clear vanilla syrup and mascarpone and the ultimate truffle, parmesan and watercress omelette. I guess I just love that the staff didn't hound us for our table even though the place was packing up...and that they were all charming and helpful (another mimosa?  SURREEEEE!!!).  Another biggie to add to the life to do list for my little cafe in Mexico.  Squeeze fresh grapefruit and add it to champagne; drink copious amounts with clientele. 
*Plus, another bonus was the owl on the ledge over the door....just like my endangered species Elf owl cell phone ring...hello...



Just a short subway ride away from Manhattan, on Third Street in Bay Ridge in the shadow of the Verrazano bridge, there is a little French bistro called St Germain's that takes Sunday brunch to a whole new level--past nirvana, it actually ascends into an alternate dimension. My Nueva York stay is not complete until I have fully partaken of every prix-fixe morsel. Because it's a French restaurant and the French just do things differently, there's also no need to justify the gi-normous chocolate-hazelnut ganache or raspberry-mocha creme tart that comes with the meal. Then again, I've never really needed a reason to partake of copious amounts of boozed-up chocolate and cream, even if it happens to be before eleven a.m. Plus I always bank on the off chance that I'll run into Vincent Grenier in his home neighborhood. Check it out if you ever feel like venturing out to the edge of one of the boroughs! (I'm not even going to get into a description of the kick-bum Arabic restaurant or the to-die-for Italian caffe shop nearby.)

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