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Whoever Said Fire and Rum Don't Mix?

Img_1317I can honestly say that you do not know joy until you have created fire aboard your own sailboat.  And, escalate that joy times one million when you happen to be sippin' a cuba libre made with caramel-tinged Flor de Cana rum at the exact moment it happens.  My boat has a tiny stove on it that is alcohol based and I'm gonna admit, I've never cooked on board a boat.  But, of course in my latest shopping spree at West Marine, I happened upon a giant container of Denatured Alcohol and couldn't wait to get straight back to the boat to test it out.  It worked perfectly-- (though I will share with you...there was a bit of troubleshooting involving a blazing wadded up piece of paper and a horrific-on-the-eyes heat seeking missile of an incense stick).  Whatever, dude.  I made a fire.  While having a perfect drink.  On my own friggin' boat.  I can't think of anything more amazing~



For your lovely boat you must also know and master the ice/salt cooling method, maybe you know about it but if you dont its totally necessary.

How long does it take to cool down a bottle or can in a fridge or freezer?

With ice/salt you can get it from room temp to 0 ยบ celcius in less than 3 mins.

Just place cold water in basket or big tuppwerware or whatever inside your fridge or closed insulation thingie, add the desired bottle/drink, add ice and then add salt (dont stir!). The ice will take away energy from the bottle to melt, the salt will take energy away from the bottle to dissolve, and youll take away happiness away from the cold bottle.


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