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Banana Pancakes and Rock of Love = Nighttime Bliss

Img_1429_5Arrowhead Mills makes this gluten-free pancake mix that is utterly delicious.  You've not really tasted life until you've inhaled some caramelized banana topped, half-a-stick of butter slathered, warm honey doused pancakes for dinner.  This was the easiest little creation to make and I devoured the entire plate in less than five minutes.  Just after this bundle of joy, my pal Lisa rang in and told me that "Rock of Love" with Brett Michaels was on the telly, and demanded that I tune into this straight-up trainwreck of a reality show immediately.  Thank God I did.  Never, EVER, have I seen such delightful smut on television.  These women are all vying for Brett Michaels attention and the lengths they'll go to--whilst wasted beyond belief--is tuly astounding and fascinating.  I season passed it in TIVO quicker than lightening and Lis and I buzzed each other all during the commericals commenting on each of the beautiful/hideous moments.  As we watched the show together on the phone, Lisa softly murmered, "I think this show has changed my life" and I breathily whispered, "I've never been so happy."  Man, if you haven't had the sheer pleasure of tuning in, please do so stat.  And, get some of that pancake mix.  The two together are what dreams are made of~


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