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I'm a Map Nut (And Book, and Boat, and Travel, and Pilates...)

Img_1334Ya gotta wonder why some are obsessed with certain things and others could give a flyin' flip about them.  One of my biggies is maps. I love everything about them:  the squiggles that represent rivers, the deep blue that signifies oceans, the shades that equal mountain ranges and most of all the sheer exoticness of the names splashed all across them.  I bought a new bounty of books on last week in a get-me-outta-the-grind frenzy--Tales from Nowhere, Surrender or Starve, Chasing Che, Gringos in Paradise, Waiting for the Barbarians, Plenty: One Man, One Woman and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally, and Misadventures in the Middle East.  That last one had a really rough and scrubby looking map detailed on the inside cover and when I laid eyes on it, my heart literally soared. I just wanted to be there that second.  I guess you can tell my other biggie is books.  Which by the way, in November, I am going back to Indonesia for a month to volunteer in this tiny village at the base of Mt. Rinjani on the island of Lombok (just east of Bali) to help build a library (among other things).  If you have any books you want to donate, shoot me an email.  Oh, and I'm gonna learn to scuba dive while I am there, too.  Another upcoming obsession, I'm sure.  Oh right--there's the boat, too (that one is the biggest obsession of all).  Gonna sail that thing down the Mississippi to the Carib next year.  I guess I overwhelm myself sometimes with all the obsessions...but at least they are clean, honest fun, though...Hell, wait to you hear about the Mexican Pilates/Cooking/Volunteer Retreat I'm putting together for Feb.  More to come on all of this good stuff and in the meantime...happy obsessing!


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