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Img_1504I've been eating out WAY too much lately.  Well, always, I guess.  But, somehow this week, I managed to whip together the most delicious meals using a bunch of madness that I had in my fridge...and I was so happy after every meal, especially this little ditty of gluten-free pasta, olive oil, halloumi cheese, green beans, sweet Italian peppers, butter and a hit of fresh thyme. It's time to start cooking again, that's for sure.  I used up my farmers market goodies, added in thyme which I never really do in pasta (I'm a basil girl) and it was stone-cold awesome. I assume though, you could sling in anything and it would still be delish.  That's the crazy  thing--when I really, really think about cooking, I am totally intimidated.  And, if I just toss a bunch of stuff  around the kitchen, I end up with perfection.  Go figure.  Here's the recipe~


1.  Cut up green beans and toss them in some grapeseed oil.  Let them cook about 10 minutes.  Set aside.
2.  Boil water and get pasta going.
3.  Sling some halloumi cheese in the green bean pan and brown one side til crispy.
4.  Slice the peppers thin as you like and saute in olive oil.
5.  Drain pasta and toss with all ingredients, adding a chunk of butter and fresh thyme just before serving.

Easy as can be and fantastic!


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