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Romanian Sausage Company and the Perfect Polish Sausage

Img_1360I have just discovered the best hotdog in the world.  The Romanian Sausage Company (on Clark and Touhy) churns out this little diddy of a garlic Polish that is totally mind-boggling.  I picked up two of them the other day and a package of their pillow soft buns that come peppered wtih poppy seeds and tiny dots of onions and had a Polish fest.  All it needed was a little bit of spicy mustard and pure heaven, I swear.  Since I'm not much of a meat eater, I was taken aback by my own fervor in shoving this dog down.  I mean, 2 of them in about 5 minutes?  Jeezzzz....I can't seem to stop thinking about them, talking about them, dreaming about them and generally just wishing I had one of them near me at all times.  The company keeps funky hours, so call before you go...Also, on Thursday's they roll out some fantastic potato salad.  Much like the hotdogs, it flies off the shelf~



Hi, My grandparents came to the US from Romania as a young married couple. They shopped at a meat market in DelRay, Mi which I think was a Hungarian store. Every Christmas we had a sausage that is pronounced KU-KNOTS. That is as close as I can remember. The exact spelling I am not sure of. Is that a sausage you are familiar with? Thank you, Nancy

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