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Flourish Bakery has the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Around

Img_1952I am always (re: desperately) on the hunt for the best cookies around.  I might have found them.  There is a super-cute bakery on Bryn Mawr called Flourish and I just so happened in there one day this week when I was at a real sugar low.  They'd just brought out a batch of fresh baked cookies (everything from chocolate chip to oatmeal to peanut butter) and I promptly ordered up a choco chip and a squishy looking brownie to go.  As I eagerly hurried across the street to my double-parked truck, I couldn't help but slyly dunk my hand in the sack and rip of a chunk of cookie...and brownie...oh, the bliss.  The cookie, especially.  It was exactly the way a real cookie should be...super soft with an ever so slight crisp around the edge.  Both treats were washed down with ice water in a matter of minutes and I was happy as a clam and back on the move...mission accomplished and now, I feel sorry for every other cookie out there~


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