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Wild Oats Blueberry and Almond Granola Made a Mess Outta Me


I kid you not when I say that this jar was almost full 2 days ago.  What happened?  Well, I had some vino and proceeded to mow on handful after glorious handful of Wild Oats Blueberry Granola.  You have never had granola like this...not even Milk & Honey or Bear Naked compares.  It's got this caramely, cookie dough taste--with little hits of toasted oats, crunchy almonds, and sweet blueberries.  When I was in the store the other day, I was ravenous, so I opened my small container (while choosing my wine, mind you) and ate almost the whole thing.  I had to go back for a big container!  I even let the stunned (but ultimately happy) cashier taste mine...I needed someone to understand my rapture at that moment.  She felt it, I could tell.  Get some at Wild Oats in's tucked on a small table over by the bakery.


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