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Img_3185Not to take the focus off my Indo trip, but I just want to touch on a pressing question that folks have been emailing me about--What about the boat in the Caribbean?  Well, just before I scrammed to Bali and Lombok, I took a shortie trip down to the Virgin Islands to look at a stunning sailboat tucked in a little cove in St. John.  Here's the deal--yes, the boat was amazing, and yes I had a decent time in the islands, but in the end, I opted to keep my dinero and continue my volunteering stints around-the-world.  It just felt right in my soul and now after the volunteer situation I just went through, I know I made the right choice.  Certain decisions just clicked into place on this past trip and life cleaned itself up a little for me in the process.  So, here is the new game plan.  I'm heading home to TN for the holidays and then in early Jan. I leave with my little travel trailer for my Central America expedition (volunteering in each country along the way).  When I return to Chi in the spring, I'm packing up and moving back out West to LA where I can enjoy sunshine and a small sailboat year round near the mighty Pacific.  I will continue to work in the industry as well as continue to write and produce eco-retreats (the Mexico PURE is just around the corner!), but I just cannot handle the cold another second!  I'm feeling pretty dang good about the plan, especially when I toss in all my feel-good-about-givin-back vibes coursing through my body.  LA is just a better homebase for me right now...a warmer one at that.  And, yes, I'm selling my 30' C & C and I will purchase a different but similar boat out West.  So blessed. In the meantime, take a good look at this Cabo Rico 36 for sale in St. John--just breathtaking.  But, seriously, I was beyond UNIMPRESSED with the Carib as a whole.  Another one off the list, that's for sure!  Okay, back to the Indo dispatches...


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