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Sembalun Bumbung Gets a Taste of English, Too...

Img_3851Besides teaching at the school in Sembalun Lawang every day, I also took a short ride to the very similar neighboring village of Sembalun Bumbung to teach a class.  The students at this school were just wild with excitement every afternoon when I strolled through the door and you'd not believe how far a set of flash cards can go with kids who really want to learn.  I taught everything:  numbers, months, colors, days of the week, greetings, nature walks exploring everything you could see with the naked eye, body parts (I loved hearing everyone scream BELLYBUTTON at the top of their lungs when I pointed to mine)....but what they loved most was when when they got to pair off and come to the front of the class to practice conversational skills.  Some of them were just so funny (and some were rambunctious hellions--but in a good way) and it was enlightening to actually witness progress.  All they really knew was how to say hello and by the time I left, they were having mini-convo's.  Just brilliant.  Compared to my kids in Sembalun Lawang, these little balls of energy were straight up flirts.  They made me laugh so much (re: wanna tear my hair out) and by the time I'd leave every day, I felt like I'd just been to war.  With random students popping in from other classes (just out of control), everyone fighting for a smidge of attention and intensely competitive games of hangman happening on the chalkboard, it was chaos every single second.  But the oh-so-enriching kind...


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