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Sembalun, Lombok, Indonesia--A Village as Special as it Gets~


If you look deep into that gorge in the photo, you will see the remote village of Sembalun, Lombok, Indonesia.  It's a tiny mountain village rimmed by a massive active volcano and is full of more love than almost any place I've been in the world; it seemed like everyone in the village was related and/or the very best of friends.  I would stand on the front porch at my families house (I lived in a homestay set up by my volunteer program) and do yoga every morning just after the sun rose and all the little kiddies would be walking to school in their adorable uniforms.  There were a least a hundred hello's before I could even get through a set of sun salutations and half of them weren't even my students.  It's such a social community...people would drop by at all hours just to sit for a spell on the porch (I mastered the art of sprawling my body out into the most comfortable horizontal position--be it porch, living room, or picnic bench-- at any given second) and each family lived in a full compound that included houses for aunts, uncles, grannies, sons and daughters.  Imagine that you don't want to bolt a gazillion miles away from home, your family and life as you know it the very instant you graduate from high school??  Well, the kind folk of Sembalun didn't.  Even if they did want to leave the village it was only so they could make more money and bring it back home to the community and their family.  What an intrepid/primitive way of living, don't you think?



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