Da Rae Jung Korean Restaurant Reminds me of Indo {From The Raving Dish}
Sembalun, Lombok, Indonesia--A Village as Special as it Gets~

The Always Breathtaking Food of Lombok, Indonesia

Img_3895 I have never eaten as well as I did whilst on Lombok (and really, Indo as a whole).  On a daily basis, I easily chowed twice the amount of food I do when I'm at home in Chicago and every single meal centered around rice.  Funny, how I lost weight while sopping up copious amounts of this usually forbidden starch that everyone stateside freaks out about.  Not once did I have meat (most folks are just a little too low on dough to afford this luxury and after I saw a just slaughtered cow on the side of the road covered in flies, well...I doubt I will ever eat meat again), but every delicious vegetable I absorbed was grown in the lush fields of Sembalun.  I couldn't make it through a day of classes without being invited over to someones house for tea and of course, with tea, out pops a snack. There was food everywhere I turned.  You could just meander down a dirt road and cut honey mango or avocado straight off your neighbors tree; I grew to adore jackfruit in all its sweet glory; and I picked sugary organic strawberries straight from the field.  I watched a few folks prepare spicy sambal with the traditional mortar and pestle and there is nothing like dunking a little crackle of rice chip into a bowl of freshly made sambal and topping it with a slice of crisp cucumber.  It was disrespectful to not eat or to shy away from a meal, so for a gal like me, it was a heavenly just entering someones house and witnessing a full spread lovingly being laid out on a batch of colorful plastic mats--no dining room tables here! 



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