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Remote Waterfalls and Paradise Found on Lombok

Img_3784One of the highlights of my volunteer trip to Lombok was taking advantage of the downtime.  If I wasn't up at the crack trying to baby summit a mountain, I was attempting to learn to ride a moped (which I loved and almost wiped out on a dozen times) or exploring crashing waterfalls.  There was an amazing one that I got the chance to hit up twice--the name escapes me right this second, but the fun I had there doesn't.  It was about an hour ride on motorbike from Sembalun and located down a dusty dirt road (though on my 2nd visit, some fellas were paving the top part of the road).  Once the bike was tucked away, we'd trample down a winding set of stairs to the stream at the base of the volcano-fed falls and then trek about 15 minutes uphill to the most majestic waterfall shrouded in mini-rainbows.  The fresh water pool was laced in soft slabs of sulfur and we'd smear it all over our bodies time and time again before diving back into the pool (it took all the strength in my legs to back up to the downpour because the force was so strong).  After flitting around in the water (and half drowning a gazillion times) and scrambling up the slippery rocks to get closer to the beast , we'd haul back up the path and subsequent stairs (hello heart attack) just clean as a whistle and ready to tackle another jubilant class of kiddies.  There was always a shirtless sweaty fella there taking long hand-rolled cig breaks from his brutal job of hauling full TREES up those stairs--deforestation the old-school way, I suppose.



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