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Who Knew a Toothbrush Could Make a Kid So Happy

Img_3937While I was in Sembalun, I had the honor of teaching a gaggle of kiddies how to brush their teeth and use soap.  I know it seems beyond belief, but these little guys were beyond excited to own their first ever toothbrush, toothpaste and bar of soap.  It was a comedy of sorts to see these adorable babes wield their toothbrush like it was a foreign weapon and lug around this giant bar of soap that they had no idea what to do with.  After I repositioned the toothbrush in each of their tiny fists and we'd filled up each of their bright plastic cups with mountain spring water, we set to brushing away.  They were absolutely delighted and clung to their goods as if someone were going to snatch them from them.  After I scooted back in the classroom, they had all stacked up their cups, thinking they had to return them at the end of class (as they usually do with pencils, crayons, etc...) so when we handed them back out to the kids, they were pleased as punch to own their VERY OWN plastic cup.  Wow.  I guess I loved showing them how to rinse and spit.  Who knew?



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