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BBQ Ribs at Naughty Nuri's, Ubud


There is a tiny hole-in-the-wall in Ubud, Bali called Naughty Nuri's.  It's situated on the outskirts of town and has a very loyal expat following.  Since most of the expats in Ubud are heavy, heavy drinkers, they tend to swing by for the lethal martinis.  It sure ain't the service they're coming, the Balinese are renowned for their incredible happiness and world-class service skills, but not at Nuri's.  I'm not sure where they got this litter of locals, but's enough to drive one mad. 

It must be because of the boatloads of tourists that flow thru there on a regular basis.  Each and every one of them--kids and adults alike--has the exact same goal: suck down some grilled ribs.  Table after table is peppered with small bowls of rice, dishes of fresh lime and a mess of BBQ ribs--all slathered with hoison or honey or something else that is wildly sticky and super sweet.  The cooks sling out about 50 lbs of ribs onto the grill right front of the restaurant and anyone who walks by is immediately sucked in by the scent of charred meat.  You cannot get out of the vortex of that sweet aroma no matter how hard you's like quicksand.  Good service be damned.

This pile of ribs will run you about $5 (expensive for Bali) and though I was terrified to swill a martini (I just don't know when to stop), I did slam a couple/few Bintangs while I waited AN HOUR for my food.  I wouldn't usually stop into a place so famous amongst those in the know, but I had to walk by the place every day to get to my little hotel, so I just had to give in once I got a whiff, you know.  Time is just beer, eh?

So, were they the BEST EVER?  Not by a long shot....the flavor was amazing, but the meat was a little on the chewy side.  This coming for a vegetarian mind you.  But, I know food...and though good, hell, maybe even damn good, they are not something I'd daydream about.  No, that would be the 40 cent nasi campur at my favorite warung in Candidasa.  Or the avacado jus at a tiny stall in Mataram. 

I did hear later that the ribs at The Fly Cafe down the road were the best in town (an even bigger secret).  Man, who is one to trust these days?  I mean, look at the pictures...don't you just want some stat?  Allright, when I roll back, I will hit them up for the martini and check out the ribs at The Fly Cafe.  All good things to look forward to.







woooww it"s a good ribs, how can we get franchise for jakarta

Mike Waterman

I think you had a bad one-time experience. I have always enjoyed the food and service at Nuri's, and the service is better than most in Bali where most restaurants have apathetic servers - Nuri's staff will come by frequently for refills of drinks - etc. If you come to a place that has such a small capacity on a busy their busiest night (thurs), you will wait.
Dont turn people off from Nuris. Ive been there when people who have spent 1k a night at a 5 star show up, and say this was the best experience of their trip - coming to a shack of a restaurant for dinner, and probably spent $20. It is the best food, drink, and experience in town. If you want to drink and eat cheaper, you are taking a take-out and a beer from a store, and drinking in your hostel...not really the experience you are looking for in a foreign country, is it.


I'm not crazy about ribs, but those ribs look Good!!!

Chuck Afflitto

Yo Misty, I will take a case of that BREW please, Do you think we could get it shipped out!! Ha Ha, Thanks,Chuck


Well, Chuck, my friend...Bintang is the local beer. It is yummy...kinda like the Pacifico of Indo...

Chuck Afflitto

Looks and smells can be deceiving!! Your right,when I looked at that photo I wanted to jump in. Meats have to be cared for to make them tender! Someone was naughty at nuri's when cooking the ribs! One day maybe check the cafe ribs,I love em.
Bintangs contain what type of goody?
Thanks Chuck

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