The Mt. Rinjani Trek Begins...
The Summit of Rinjani...or NOT...

Day 1 Ends at the Crater Rim of Mt. Rinjani


We stopped at the strategically placed Post 1 just in time.  These Rinjani route developers knew what they were doing because Post 1 springs up right about the time you are ready to give up and head back down the trail.   Oggy and Titi had moved on ahead to Post 2 to prep lunch, so our short stay at Post 1 was what I like to call a Baby Break. 

Sadly, I started taking these Baby Breaks every 50 steps or so.  Bless Royal for never, ever criticizing me and my baby breaks.  Hell, even he was singing, "Post 2, where are you," every five minutes.  See, it's not just me!

Anyway, when we show up at Post 2, Oggy and Titi are in the midst of preparing lunch and I straight up collapse on my little sleeping pad.  I dozed off into a full half hour nap before the best little lunch ever was laid out in front of me:  fried tempeh, rice (nasi) and noodle soup with a big fat hard boiled egg floating around in the murky broth. It was delicious. 

Then the rain came...and of course I didn't have a rain jacket, since I'd opted not to bring one--that whole hauling thing again.  No matter, it was gone in a flash and I was already filthy, muggy, and sticky.  I welcomed the rain and just wanted it to wash all my misery away (or at least my legs misery). 

When you come upon the crater rim, it's pretty dang majestic, especially since you have just navigated your way through clouds.  Lots and lots of wet cloud whispers.  The boys had already RAN ahead, made dinner (fried rice with shrimp crackers) and set up my bright blue tent (away from the other trekkers, per my instructions).  I also don't like being in the midst of crowds...I guess I have issues, huh? 

We'd gotten up there just before the sun started making its way toward the horizon and it was honest-to-God freezing.  Once again, I was totally unprepared, but I was so happy to be able to lay down that I didn't care.  Royal led me down a path to some fresh springs so I could rinse off, and I came out more caked in mud than when I went down.  My motto had become, "If we go down, we must go up..." and I was so depressed to head downhill to this pool of spring water.  That meant I had to climb again...agggghhhhh!  My boy Royal was chipper as a mountain goat, though,  just leaping across rocks and gleefully scrubbing his face and feet.  Clean as a whistle, that one...and belting Indonesia love tunes the whole time.

I was totally delighted to have made it through Day 1, though. To quote a bit from my journal writings on that lovely evening---written by candlelight in a tent perched on a crater rim watching wild monkey's watch me, no less...

Rinjani impressions:

#1  Holy f*cking sh*t
#2 Holy f*cking sh*t

Enough said.









Just returned from being NOB and I'm reading all this saying "Thank God she did it and I can look at her photos and I don't have to "trek" THAT trail.......sounds too too much to me.......


Your notes about sum it up! Can't wait to hear how you describe your first peak over the rim. Have you ever trekked to Macchu Picchu (sic)? Sounds similar to this but takes 3 days to get there. You are one helluva remarkable woman.

Bill Carney

What an incredible achievement. Kudos and congratulations!

Chuck Afflitto

Misty,You are one strong and very determined woman.
The foods sound and look very tasty, when you had soups and the hot sauces to warm your bones of time in need.It all tastes so good I bet,also to give you that extra kick in the ass when needed to go on down that blasted trail. Too answer your question,You don't have issues from what I could see!
Must have been wonderful to be above the clouds in your tent alone for once,without the Chicago lights and crowds.And let's not forget with the-- Hey Hey I'm a Monkey!
Love the photos. Chuck

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