Ever Been Curious...How Blue the Water is in The BVI's?
Ever Been Curious...What Breakfast from a B&B in Merida Consists Of?



Hey, How are you? Where are you at present? Thinking of you! All the best..(((HUGS)))

Chuck Afflitto

Will be heading on a three country run of fun!,Spain is in the making. I will have to check out the masterpieces, Thanks Chuck


I will say that I was working on a job in Spain and we filmed at loads of Gaudi's masterpieces. Totally incredible to get up close and personal in that way. I have a real doozie of a story about one of the camera men disappearing...only to be found pissing off the side of one of his works. I mean, Jesus, can you imagine? At least he was a local, though!


HAVE to get to Spain one of these days - if for no other reason then to see Gaudi's work!

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