Ever Been Curious...What Breakfast from a B&B in Merida Consists Of?
Ever Been Curious...What a Zebra Looks Like Up Close?



You are right about being in the nuts side after all that's what I'm. However how you eat tacos is more than a curiosity, it tells you how well you undertsand the culture of Mexico. For example tourist eat tacos in a stright position and they tend to spill salsa in their cloths while expert taco eaters make a 6:10 (clockwise) position and avoid the embarrasing stais of salsa in their shirts. Just an insigh information. Carlos


Well now Carlos, that sounds just a little on the nutso side of things to be curious about. Don't worry, it ain't that special, so you're not missing much.


No I have not been curious about creating an island with plastic bottles BUT I'm curious about how Misty eats tacos. Can you put a picture of you eating a taco? What techinique do you use? Do you put hot sauce in your meals?

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