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Finally Home From Indonesia...and This is What I Feel Like...


Yeah, I finally made it home from Indo...after 2 hellish days of travel via Singapore and Beijing.  Brutal stuff, but now I've ordered some Lebanese food and am on the verge of being all good again.  Regular Tooth postings shall resume tomorrow, my friends.

Can you imagine seeing this little buggie on your front terrace here in the US?  Full freak out.  Oh, but, on my beachside terrace in Indo, dozens of photos snapped, baby flips maneuvered, and tiny proddings attempted.

I have a trillion and one stories--all good--and can't wait to share them. 

Hasta manana, mst



SO glad you're back! I'm glad you got off the net, off the phone, etc., but GIRL I MISSED YOU!! Seriously can't wait to catch up. I'm so happy for Indo, so happy for you.

Christine Gilbert

Can't wait to hear more about indo...

That bug is almost *cute*.


Glad to hear you made it back home safely. We always worry about you... we feel like your folks, even though we are only Yatz's folks.

Keep in touch...

Chuck Afflitto

Hey Misty, Happy to here your back,I hope you get good rest well deserved.Looking forward to your tooth posting plus photos. I am sure everyone will enjoy, It will be great!
You sound renewed, Enjoy!! Chuck

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