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5 Indo Photos That Make Me Real Happy


1.  This woman's face is one of the most fascinating landscapes I have ever come across.  When I look at this photo, I feel very, very serene and clear-headed and peaceful.  Nothing like the way I feel in my everyday life.  No, in that life, I have no idea what the words serene and clear-headed and peaceful mean.


2.  I was in a friends outhouse and this little triangle was cut into the wall--acting as a window.  I just happened to glance out as I was yanking up my pants--almost pulling a muscle while trying to master the squat toilet.  But, lordy, lordy, what a view.  One day, I even managed to summit that peak.  Almost had a heart attack, but pulled it off nonetheless.


3.  I have a major chapstick, lipgloss, lipstick addiction.  I smear some on every 10 minutes it seems and also manage to chew it off in just as much time.  Last time I was in Indo, the women in the family that I was living with asked if when I came back, I could bring them a tube.  Well, me and my mom did better than that.  My sweet Mom dug through a huge box of goodies--she's more of an addict that I am--and we meticulously chose colors that would match their skin when I went back and rolled up with about 20 lipsticks, these gals were straight delighted!


4.  This little babies name is Ozzy.  He has a mini-mini-mini ponytail (look close).  Ozzy and his baby ponytail make me soooooo happy.  Dunno why.


5.  One day, while cruising around, me and my pal Am ran out of gas about 10 times.  We were just blasting through town on his scooter and BAM.  Dead empty.  I don't know why the tank wouldn't hold gas...but no matter.  As Am was pushing his bike down the road to locate some petrol, I noticed all this corn laying out in the sun.  The color was just so intense, I had to take a photo--and, it seems to go on for miles.



Love the photos-- and love the comments even more.


Ha, Chuck! I just meant that my everyday life is full and hectic...I'm always happy and at peace deep down...I just don't have time to obsess on it**

Chuck Afflitto

As they say every picture tells a story,love the photos,I once played a part at the school of visual arts in N.Y. city.I was a freelance photographer for nbc saturday night live,when the real prime time players where there.This was back in 70's.I was in every party they had for a few years after each show.I wanted to ask you if you can hook me up with Bill Murray my old time bar buddy at those party's ?
Misty, I am concerned to hear you are seaking
peacefulness in your life. It seems to me you are very happy out of the pace of that city. Also you find peace and a clear head when you travel.Keep that wonderful smile you have and you will draw in a peaceful feeling forever!! Your friend, Chuck

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