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So, first up...the 4th World Love train keeps on truckin' even though I am out in LA jammin' away on this new TV show I am working on.  It goes a little something like this...

The photos you see are of the AWESOME little bungalow we've rented in Sembalun, Lombok, Indonesia--it's gonna be the site of the pilot project for 4th World.  We're creating an all access English School/Community Center in the village.  Of course all classes are free and we're gonna spend the next month or so getting the place re-vamped for start of the Fall session of English classes. 

For Phase 1, we're going to paint the EXT. and the INT, plus clean the yard up.  Load in some furniture, get school supplies, etc....you know, basically get the joint sorted out.  The gate is about to become a dusty peacock blue and the walls inside are gonna be splashed a brilliant shade of yellow.  It's wild, I've been taking photos of houses in LA (to the stunned face of some owners) and emailing them to my bud Am in Indo--he's helping coordinate this whole big deal.  So exciting and fun and amazing.

It's so funny...when I was there and we were scouting out the bungalow, Am was like, "Oh...great!  We can park our mopeds under the awning!"  and I was like, "Ummm, that's an outdoor terrace my boy!  Movies-in-the-park-style."  I can't wait to see it all come together over the next few months -- it literally makes all the madness in life worth it just to see the excitement flutter about the village.  To know that they know that someone CARES.  Nothing else makes my heart quite that full, you know? 

The website should go live soon, too.  Expect mad updates in the coming weeks as details emerge.  I mean, between this project and the boat, the MST world is straight up bliss.  And, seriously take a look at that view--that's the baby mountain in Sembalun and if you look at the pic of the street, you'll see Mt. Rinjani (remember that volcano I trekked?) kickin' it in the background.

And, for those of you who dig it--we will start accepting short-term and long-term volunteers in the Spring of 09.  Think hard, an expedition like that might just change your life...and you've only got one.





That is so awesome you guys! As soon as the website is ready and we are fully set up as a 501 (c) 3 to take donations, I will send out the gangbusters.

Would love to have you all volunteer. You will most likely never want to leave Indo....much like me every time my 30 day visa is up**


Sign me up - I'm retired and available!

Chuck Afflitto

Misty, I like your plan a lot.That building looks in petty good shape."Great location" Having that feeling of caring and having fun at the same time,YES! You not only have a full heart of happiness,you also have a BIG HEART.Your a great person* I have spent 16 years doing some what the same thing. Making building work and look right. Also giving to a town in need!{Great Kids} I work as a site supervisor for two schools in a small farming town. Maintenance is my game. I would love to help in anyway I can. I will have to think hard on signing up,do to my future plans,maybe I can fit in this wonderful project of giving. But anyway I am up for helping you on any input shaping that building up. Just Ask. Chuck

Michele in Playa

As if I needed another reason to visit this beautiful place....

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