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Misty Got a New Boat**


I guess you can never really plan how life is gonna shake down.  I mean, for real.  Here I was trolling the net yesterday before my flight to Chicago--in full obsession about boats--when I laid eyes on this 40' sailboat for sale.  Complete and utter love at first site.  It happened to be close to where my parents lived so before I got on the plane, I called them and said...PLEASE go look at this boat, and if you love it like I already do, then I am buying it.

Well, I landed in LA and guess what message was waiting on me from my Dad?  Yup..Misty is the new owner of this amazing vessel.  Who the hell knew!  This is literally a dream boat and I cannot wait to get to know her. 

Holy moly, I am still in shock that all the stars lined up like they did.  Somebody kissed me big yesterday***




John Hardin

Nice Boat!!! Still a open invite for some awesome food. Sorry long time since checking out your blog. Been super busy moving and setting up the farm. Hope to be off the grid and totally self sufficient soon. Tu Amigo, Juan


How much beer? Well, I don't know that we can count that high!!


me thinks the green-eyed monster will be coming out of your little trailer soon:-))
How much beer can you stowaway on that thing??

John Reid

Hi Miss Misty
The boat looks great, in fact it looks like a Bayfield 40, could it be?
After following your blog I know you will have fun.


The name shall become:
Tennessee Gypsy

And, as you must imagine, the adventures shall be EPIC**


Woke up, read the paper, bought a boat. Too cool! Enjoy! Just hope you can sail...


Let me know when you sail that baby into Chicago.


a proper name

( scotch : an roll those arrrr's ..........................or patron)

Christening you'r boat Lass; its AN important! to give her a proper name
I can't tell you my best name - but its my daughters First 'n middle
Just so happens She share~s the same name your father gave you, even
the acronym you'r use~n would fit in therr Well Darl'''''''N.

now ... I would'nt be a ships mate...if i didn't tell ya..

When i first lay eye on Her! i noticed a most pacu..liar reckoning..
..the very first image "#1" clearly Shows: the outline of other vessel
Off her Starrboard... YET, Theres No Color ? its like a Fog Bank Astern.
I dont know what to make of this? oR what form of trikery this is?
but "i swear" by the scepter of Neptune -its either an Omen... orrrrrrrrr
she's a ~ GOHST SHIP ~ .
What ever the case Lassie don't be a forget'n to hoist the Skull and the
Crossbones high on her Mast when you Christan Her.



Aye she be a pirate ship indeed, and what would you be name'n her?


I am not a boat person but I have to say that she looks gorgeous. I am sure you will have wonderful adventures to blog about as you get to know her.

Chuck Afflitto

Vessel that is!! I am so happy for you that is fantastic. So fast good things happen. I like the curves and she has an old time cozy look! Good Luck with that BEAUTY! Chuck


Congratulations! It looks really nice. I bet you are going to be a pirate now.

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