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One More Surgery in Indo Complete


So, I just got some photos from Indonesia of little Liana, who just got her surgery done.  Guess things are just moving right along over there~how about the entire family being stunned that a picture was being taken**

Now we just have to wait on Baby Rako to get a little bigger so he can get his surgery and BAM!  Mission accomplished surgery-wise in Sembalun. 

In other news, I just saw the comp for the 4th World Love website and I LOVE it!  It will be up and running in a few weeks, so you will be able to read all about the upcoming 4th World projects and yup, you guessed it, you can even donate if you want to.   

Think:  Time, Money, Energy, Prayers, and/or Love.  It all counts in the end.



Your work continues to inspire me on many levels!


Funny you should ask that--they SMILE ALL THE TIME--in fact, are never not smiling...but, for some reason when the camera comes out everyone is shocked and doesn't know how to react. I will post some smiling pix--I caught some peeps off guard sometimes!


Not being a wise guy, but to the people of Indo not smile? a custom? or just not in photo's? your past blogs i noticed the same thing.
Inquiring minds...left unattended...:-))

Chuck Afflitto

Good Feelings inside nothing like it. Little Liana looks wonderful! Your efforts must be driven more and more when you see photos like these.Accomplishing great things for humanity!
Way to go!! Chuck

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