5 Indo Photos That Make Me Real Happy
Misty Got a New Boat**

Vintage Travel Trailer, Sailboat, & Not Much Else = Happiness


Small units that move and hold very little.  That is what I am on the ultimate, life-long quest for. 

Now, as many of you know, I already have my little 14' solar trailer down in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Currently Yatz is on the skids down there--just waiting and waiting on me to return.  When I left her stored in the most perfect trailer park ever, I left her fully turnkey.  All I need to do is show up with my computer and I am right at home!  The lovely view is of a church steeple and every time I pop open the front door I'm hit with the thwak of tennis balls from the neighboring tennis courts.  I've only got an icebox for beer chilling and I'm tapped if I cook much more than a quesadilla, but the wi-fi is mad fast and the neighbors are happy travelers and quirky idea makers and those living the good life in my opinion.  I LOVE being there. 

It's a very homey place, this trailer park...and as I freak out on my place here in Chi right now, getting it ready for me to hit the road for a spell...well, I just realize--once again--how very little I need.  I have just been throwing everything out.  No 2nd guessing, just getting it OUT OF MY SIGHT.  There is just so much stuff everywhere--and for real, I have nothing.  Which is really weird.  I have nothing, yet I have so much freaking stuff!  Full cleanse is going on up in here...

Now, the next perfect living quarters for me is a sailboat.  Since I sold my little 30' C & C in January, I have been on the hunt for anther MST vessel.  I think I have found the ideal 32' sailboat down in Mexico, but...but...but, then I remember the 36' Cabo Rico I checked out in the BVI last Nov. and I think, well maybe I need a 36 to 41 footer instead.  Those extra feet are a major difference and until I have a minute to go big time sailboat hunting, well...who knows what will end up happening.  I just want views like the one below all the live long day.  Guess the concrete gets to me at times. 

All I really know is that I like tiny, itty-bitty places to call home. 

I'm about to head out to LA for a job for bit, then down South to finish it up.  Soon as it's over, well...then I am back to Isla Mujeres for the next PURE Pilate's Retreat and then to San Miguel to check in on Yatz and continue butchering the Spanish language.  Finally, I'm jammin' back over to Indonesia to being Phase 2 of 4th World Love.  I'll lay out some major details of Phase 1 over the coming weeks...just to keep everyone caught up on the good vibes.

I'm sure I'll be posting the whole way, but first, I have got to put the smackdown on this clutter (it's like 3 shirts and a skirt and I'm losing it!).




Michele in Playa

*sigh* The Chris Craft Constellation that we keep up in NY to live on during our visits sank last week. The good news is, the little panga we are rehabbing here is almost ready to go!! See you in Isla, I hope.


I 100% agree with you on the Spindrift 43. The only thing is...that boat is usually in the 120k and upward range. I just don't wanna spend that kind of dough on a boat right now. But, for real, that is one of my dream boats. The Hardin 40 is a cool one, too!


i like the Spindrift...

I've never seen a sailboat like that. Daydreaming (veg'n on the net)one night - about sailing around the Bahamas, i stumbled across your site. Later reading through the archives I saw the Spindrift Pilothouse

What a cool ol Boat

My maritime experience is limited to daysailing around S.D. Harbor,
so i have no ideal what it would cost to re rig or own something like that,
but that boat is cool! now I'm hooked on it.

The walkaround Deck is really bitchen
It has an indoor Helm, fullkeel, cruise at 7knts sail at 9 - 9.5knts, 300gals fuel, man you could go places. The 81 model has a galley down and the helm on the right side of the salon... sweet.

Hey Misty if you want buy it and park it down here at Harbor Island I could motor it on down to Cabo for you and have it stocked up and waiting when you fly in. Just kidd'n ya. Like your web site.

Chuck Afflitto

Misty, You are so RIGHT! Simplicities in life give us the freedom in our minds which allows us to find our comforts in our quest! Like returning to our happy zones in this world.Just the planning alone get me going.
I dig that living quarters,The stove, Yes! That is a kick ass sailboat is that the one of interest ? Glad to hear about the new phase of 4th World Love. Chuck

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