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There's this fantastic little cafe in Ubud, Bali called KAFE.  It's literally one of the most chill spots on earth, and is always chock full of yoga inspired folk, who also happen to be wayyyyy into health food (think organic mulberry pancakes, tofu madness, etc...).

These guys turn out an addictive drink that is like a soy coffee frappe and I became 100% obsessed with them while I explored the hills of Ubud.  I'd stroll in, a sweaty mess from some kind of killer morning hike and they'd come tumbling out of the kitchen with this perfectly whipped, icy cold drink that sports a side vessel full of sticky liquid sugar..and every time I saw it, my eyes just popped.  It's like straight rocket fuel.  This little concoction is exactly what I am craving right at this second.  Make it two.

No trip to Ubud is complete unless you pop into KAFE and for the full health kick, start the AM off with a packed class at the Yoga Barn.  Same owner, smart cookie.







I FINALLY figured out a workaround when I can't access the Tooth! I am one happy woman!

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haha! who the heck wants to be Shakespeare?


well it's not Shakespeare...but i like it


I have to be honest...I love your cliche's they just "spark"

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