Bye By LA; Bye Bye Chi
What Makes MST Tick~

And, Then One Day You Are Ready


Every day you work. Every day you dream.  Every day you imagine a whole other life. It might have little bits and pieces of your current existence in there, but most likely, it's a full revamp of your ongoing situation.

For me, as busy as I am at this moment, I wake up and go to sleep thinking about Mexico, the beach and a nice brown suntan.  It's like suddenly, one day, you are just ready to move.  Full on OUTTA here.  I guess that's when all good stuff happens in life -- it's when you just don't over think it, you just just figure out a way to do it.

Not that anything is wrong with Chi (but I've spent about 2 months there in the past year), and not that anything is wrong with LA (I do like to work there)...but when I have a minute to breath and a stint of downtime, I guess I just want to snorkel, dive, and be tan the rest of my years.

And, that is some simple living.  I got the trailer in Mexico, the boat about to be in Central America and the freelance lifestyle to do just that.  Don't over think, just do. 



Got the beers cooling and the blender plugged in........Everyone in San Miguel is on "Misty" alert!

Michele in Playa

Where are you planning to keep the new boat?


Go for it! Go, go, go!


Words of wisdom as always Misty!


Well, then, come on down!

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