Santino's on the West Side of LA = The Perfect Little Bar
And, Then One Day You Are Ready

Bye By LA; Bye Bye Chi


Ok, so I guess sunny old Los Angeles has worked its way back into my system. I've eaten juicy ropa vieja at a cute little Cuban joint in El Segundo. I've scarfed some tasty Persian over by UCLA.  I've killed a platter of fish tacos in a dive in Santa Monica.  Somehow on this jaunt out, I've found all the good stuff.

And, here's what's jacked.  I flew back in to Chicago yesterday to grab my truck so I could have my wheels down on this shoot in Kentucky and guess what.  My beloved city seemed so dang grubby. Literally, when I was hauling out of town in MAD, MAD rush hour traffic, I just could not stop thinking about the beach, about Mexico, about Baja and about all the glorious things in life that you usually escape from reality to discover. 

Sars to letcha know, I wanna do all that good stuff in my downtime.  No more let me get thru life in the city these next few months.  It's all about blissful DOWN TIME.  And, that about to be taking place in somewhere REAL, REAL tropical.

You know what I'm sayin?




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