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Meet the Expat: Gary in Bali


Gary lives the good life.  He owns a tidy little 5-room guesthouse on the main road that runs through Candidasa, Bali.  He married a hysterical Balinese woman, who likes to drink whiskey and sing her heart out to anyone who dare pick up the communal guitar.  He is a true hustler, always in the know about the who's who and what's what of his tiny village on the sea. 

Every time I roll back into town, I run into him every single day.  Usually when I am on my way to get my $7 massage fix.  When I stroll up, he's either reading a book, wolfing hotdog's from his new hot dog stand (a true business man) or sipping a nice stout drink at the top of the morning. 

He's an Aussie, truly one of the funniest people I've ever met and always looking to wheel and deal his way thru the day.  Last time I was in town, he'd had his arm half eaten away by a spider bite. 

His rooms rent for about $11 a night, give or take (pending on what kind of deal you can strike) and he most def. has the coldest Bintang in town.  You can just toss him a $10 spot and that way when you stop back in, you have a running tab.  Sometimes you just need that beer on the way to get a massage.






I love this post -- I have to meet Gary and his wife on an upcoming trip to Bali! My kids (in college) would love the adventure and staying at his place -- sounds like a lot of fun. Your blog really inspires me.


i love this post. reminds me of the older lady that sits EVERY day on the sidewalk in isla mujers and cuts fruit. i always buy a bag of mangos from her - have the bar keeps on the beach pour lime and salt over them. very yummy. and, i wouldn't but them from anyone but her!!


Gary doesn't look to worried about the stock market meltdown.

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