Pozole Perfection {From The Raving Dish}
Bye By LA; Bye Bye Chi

Santino's on the West Side of LA = The Perfect Little Bar


I can't believe I'm leaving LA already.  Just when I've found all sorts of amazing places to hang out--places that aren't your typical LA places--I'm back on the road. 

Tomorrow, I'm outta LA, headed south to Kentucky to film this TV show I'm working on.  Much as I'm loving hanging out at Santino's (the coolest little tapas joint on Lincoln in Santa Monica)..it's time to hit the road.  I love movement.  The idea of living in a hotel for a few months is actually not that bad.  And, for real, Louisville is the most adorable town ever.  I never knew it was so hip, so chill, so cool.

I'll be back to LA in December to wrap this show, so I'll have plenty of time to explore the menu again at Santino's.  Check out those chick peas, though. So delish.

More updates soon on the evolution of 4th World Love.  Stay tuned...





Chuck Afflitto


Chuck Afflitto

Hey Misty,Your on move to the green grass of Kentucky,it sounds like fun.You took the words out of mouth,those chick peas are huge and look great. The cheese yum,what kind is it ? Being an Italian Restaurant "ricotta" comes to mind.

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