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Yah, the boat.  I have one word:  blessed.  Dude, this little vessel is gonna take me straight up around the world.  I will have to get into all the nitty gritty details once I get to spend more time on her (after the job I'm on right now ends in January)...but I do know that she's pretty dang killer.  Totally takes my breath away.  My dad's working on her a bit right now, ironing out all the boat-y kinks that always attack you no matter what good of shape the boat is in...and she will be sitting pretty somewhere down South til I'm ready to bust on down the Ten Tom this spring. 

In the meantime, I'm making list after list after list of little things that I might need.  Somehow, I've already phased out the good old USA.  Between an old school pirate sailboat and a itty-bitty vintage trailer--both over 30 years old each--I think I'm covered on the south of the border homefront. 

And, check this out--the current name is Enola and of course, I was going to change it.  I was like, what does that even mean??  Then, it came to my attention that ENOLA is ALONE backwards.  You couldn't have dreamt up a better name for me.  I guess I gotta keep it!



COOL! "Misty@Sea"


Well yes, yes I do Chuck! What are your questions? Change the name? Who the heck knows, I hear it both ways...

Chuck Afflitto

Do you ever answer Questions?? Or one way only! Thanks


When I see that name, all I can think of is Hiroshima. There was nothing ALONE about the ENOLA GAY.


tu mucha a bonita para enola

Chuck Afflitto

Hi Misty, She is a beaut! The feeling you get from behind the WHEEL must be powerful and very moving to you. But if I may, in my opinion it would be cool to add to the name, as a new owner. I don't know is it not right to change the name of a vessel?

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