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Where I'd Be Right Now...


Although Louisville, Kentucky is a real cute town (I swear!), where I really want to be is right on the beach. I'd take Indonesia or Mexico in two seconds.  Soon enough, though...soon enough. 

We just sold out our Pilates Retreat down on Isla Mujeres in Mexico in January, which is crazy cool.  I guess I can't wait to SCUBA dive in extreme tropical water that looks just like the pool water in the above photo from Bali.  And have a beer at Manana.  And see all my old pals again.  And eat pozole.

In other breaking news, my dad has been working like mad on the boat for me, making all sorts of little upgrades so when I'm ready to sail her down the Ten Tom and down to Mexico, she's ready.  The biggest deal is the autopilot and the watermaker.  That = truly GONE material.  Who could have imagined I'd find my dream boat in my own backyard in Tennessee?  Go figure...

Additional notes from the mind:

1.  I seem to have forgotten Chi exists.  Except for the food.  The glorious, glorious food.  Not sure when I will be back there, for real.

2.  I could live in my truck.  It seems the smaller the space, the happier I am.

3.  I really, really gotta learn Spanish.  Why do I forget so easy?

4.  I guess I love LA again.  What a sordid love affair I have with that one.

5.  I never met a Chee-to I didn't like.  Will I ever have a piece of fruit, or perhaps a vegetable, again?

Just a few more months though...and the time is FLYING...


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