4th World Love: The Community Center Progress
The Boat (and me) Shall Reside on Isla Mujeres...



Sounds terrific!

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What part of Mexico is the marina in? When I was still working, I had three photos of Mexico that I kept on the wall by the phone where I had to talk to clients. When I thought I would explode, I would look up at those photos and remember what is important. The minute I had the chance to "check out" and move to Mexico, I did! NO regrets.


Okay, my heart just leaped! With the day I am having, I would drop everything, buy my own boat and meet you there. Lucky, lucky gal.

Chuck Afflitto

I totally understand your obsession! I love mexico being so close, I fish down in san carlos.
How far south are you?
Enjoy, Chuck


Do you need crew?


Beautiful. I can just picture the scene: a boat, a freshly-blended margarita, a happy lady with her feet propped up. Viva Mexico!

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