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Behind The Scenes: Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

DSCN2499 A few years back I did a show for The Travel Channel called Craving Adventure.  I basically went to Little Corn Island, just off the coast of Nicaragua, and just had a crew follow me incessantly for 10 days.  It was kinda batty having a camera up in my grill from dusk til dawn, but it's not til I re-watch the show (now and again) do I remember that madness (and joy) it took to pull that thing off. 

All throughout the show, my big thing was this hand-drawn map.  It was blank when I started exploring and I slowly dotted it in with little finds--like where to find homemade coconut bread, where to go skinny dipping, where to plop down in a hammock and never get up, etc...And, at the end of the trip, I put it in this small wooden box that a local made for me and hid it--so at the very end of the show, I could pop in the GPS coordinates where it was located.

Now, I know lots of people watched that show and I definitely know lots of peeps went to Little Corn right after it aired, all based on my crazy adventures on that remote little island.  What I'm wondering is did anyone find the box (lots of geocachers go to destinations exactly for this reason)?  Did it get swept away in a hurricane (see cracked sidewalk photo)?  Did a wild animal eat it (what would possess me to put baby chocolate globes in a box hidden away on a tropical island)?  Did a local happen upon it and claim if for themselves?  I guess I'll never really know.  Maybe I will make it back down there someday (in my sailboat, thank you very much)....and see if my treasure is still there. 

What I do know for sure is that I came back from that trip with a crazy tan, a deep respect for proper mojitos, a fantastic obsession with ropa viejo, freckles that never left my cheekbones and a great appreciation for not living on camera all the time.  That's not to say I don't have another show in the works--one involving maps--of lack thereof.  A girl can only live the big life without sharing it for so long...because one thing I've learned is that everyone is trying to find a spit of freedom and if I can help them get one step closer...well, why not?






I know this is a bit dated, but I'm going to CI next week. And staying at Derek's place. I'll check out the coordinates and report back.


Hi Misty, I'm taking a trip out to Little Corn in the next month. I'm looking forward to the relaxation, mojitos and jalepeno lobster I've heard about. I'm always up for an adventure and look forward to searching for your treasure box. The coordinates point me toward Derek's place...hopefully I don't break a leg retrieving it. Thanks for the info, Dale


Yo--i have no idea if anyone found the box, but you gotta try!

here are the coords for little corn island and the box I "hid"--

12 16 892'

82 58 438

tucked way up in a tree!!!
keep me posted, misty



Did anyone ever find the box on Little Corn? I am headed there in a few weeks and will take a shot at finding it if you can please send me some of the details. Great blog and pictures!!



what other goodies did you stash in there, good erb, spices ???


hey tim, i need to find the coords, but i will hunt tomorrow and get you them! i would DIE if it was still there. lord knows what i was idea at the time. i had some other kinds of goodies in there, not just chocolate!!!


hey misty,
we are leaving next weekend on a month trip through costa rica, nicaragua and honduras with a stop over at little corn island
if you have some detailed info (not a geotagger myself) i could check it out for you, also didn't see your show (you happen to know if it is available somewhere online?)
lovely pictures btw, makes me even want to go sooner
ps: sorry my blog is in dutch

Dawn in CA

Burying a box in the tropical jungle - you crack me up. Can't imagine those chocolates lasted too long, though...


Chuck, my friend, I would say its was a little of both!

Chuck Afflitto

Hello Misty, I was not happy when I missed your show on Little Corn Island. Great to see the photos. When I first seen the map I said to myself adventure, food treasure, coconut bread, Yum.
It made you want to get involved and get lost on that wonderful island.
We all got the kid in us!! Yes take the sailboat and find that boxed treasure, captain.
In the last photo were you hiding the box or trying to get a breather from the cameras ? ha ha
Thanks for sharing your life, Chuck

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