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The Boat (and me) Shall Reside on Isla Mujeres...


And, so you wanna know where I'm gonna move the boat? 

Well, there's a little island off the coast of Mexico (on the Carib side) called Isla Mujeres--it is by far one of my fave places in the world.  I produce pilates/volunteer retreats there; I escape there when I feel like I can't take another day; I daydream about it all the livelong day.

And, so now I must move the boat there.  Why wouldn't I?  It's a quick flight from Cancun to LA.  The beer is the coldest ever.  I can scuba and snorkel to my hearts content.  I have happy families that I've adopted there.  I can sail all over the Carib. if I want to, including a straight shot down the East Coast of Central America. I eat the best tostados, sopes, and pozole I've ever had in my life there.  I learned to make homemade ceviche there...and dream about it to this day.  I love exploring the little 5 mile x 1/2 mile patch of earth--and trust me, there is ALWAYS something to discover.  My hair looks absolutely fantastic in the humidity.  The mainland is a 20 minute ferry ride.  The slip fees aren't that outlandish.  I love watching the peeps who live on and visit the island cruise around on bikes, free as a bird.  I love swapping out books at Manana.  I love living in not much more than a bikini.  I love organizing free-for-all pilates classes for the locals.  I love drinking beer on ice---at 9 am.  I love even more a 8 am strawberry daiquiri.  I love sweating like mad and then just stripping down to the said bikini and diving into crazy blue water.   

Seriously, what more could you ask for in life?   






Shayla K. Maroney

I just read your story and I have longed to live the same dream. I have been researching different places and when I saw the Island Isla Mujeres I just fell in love with it. So I asked a bunch of people on yahoo answers if it was possible for me to move to the Isla Mjeres. I was told that it will be very hard for me to move to Mexico expecially there and that it will be inpossible for me to find a job there =( Then I read your article and It made me want this even more.... I live Rhode Island USA and I realize there is nothing here for me. Other than my family, some friends and some wonderful restaurants ( I looooovvve food!!) I was wondering if you could help me????? Please? Practically begging....Hahahaha!

Shayla K. Maroney

Oh my god!!! I long to live your dream. I have been asking everyone on yahoo answers how I can move to Isla Mujeres. Everyone keeps telling me I will never find work and it would be a huge hassle for me to move there.... I have looked at other places and I have no interest anywhere else, but when I saw this, this would be my perfect slice of paradise. Could you help me please!?!? I know I will truly never find happiness here.... I live in the small state of Rhode Island in the USA. I will owe you my life if you help me out...... practically begging...Hahahaha! =) Please get back to me. I will be waiting~ My email is [email protected]

Michele in Playa

Great news!!! We will be seeing you there for sure. What's your eta?


I am incredibly jealous, its looks & sounds like the most perfect place to be!


There is not a better place to do it than Isla!


It always amazes me how certain places draw out the wanderlust in people. Something deeper that your very soul responds to. It happens in San Miguel de Allende. It happens in Yelapa. It happens on Isla Mujeres. Same for Candidasa, Bali...and Ubud, Bali. Also Muluge and Ventana, Baja. I've been fortunate enough to spend lots of time in all these locations...and get all giddy at the idea of re-visiting time and time again. So much more out there to explore though, so see, to witness, to eat, to become. Life is grand.


I read your post about IM and wish I could live in a place like that. Then realize I do! You have definately heard the siren song of Isla my girl!


GREAT news!


Oh my. It's a cold and windy spring day here in New Zealand - and now you've given me itchy feet! I want to be off exploring hot, salty islands ...


Im going to keep my boat at a small marina on Isla Mujeres. Best base camp in the world for me right now!


Please, please Misty...where is the marina you will be at? I want to surf for it and dream some more.


Isla Mujeres holds a special place in my heart -- it's a wonderful choice for you and your boat. What more could you ask for? Maybe the occasional pina colada at Bally Hoo (yum) or some weekend cochinita pibil and fresh OJ (double yum). A girl can't live on marg's and daq's alone!


Love, Love Isla too! Yoga on the roof top at Elements......and breakfast aferwards doesn't get better than that..except for the sand and water of course!

Chuck Afflitto

You got it made Misty! Sailing down there is going to be great. What more could you ask for beer,food,good people,and some of the blue blue waters out there,{kicked back},Yes. Your making me want to split this seen again.
It seems to be your comfort zone!!
Enjoy, Chuck

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