4th World Love Contest Almost Over!
4th World Love Contest Over: Winner Announced Tomorrow from Isla Mujeres!

24 Hours on Isla Mujeres -- How Can So Much Happen?


How can so much shake down in just a mere 24-hours on Isla Mujeres? 

I hop off the ferry, stop in for a cold Sol and some shrimp ceviche + my favorite tostadas in the world (all eaten while watching three beauties do schoolwork), head to Casa Ixchel to drop off bags (and gossip with my buddy Miguel the manager), wander down thru the winding streets on the south side of the island (where the locals live) only to be tracked by a truckload of toasty (and harmless) Mexican's out on the prowl, stop in at a new Cocina Economica where I run into Penny (someone I know from my last trip here) who rambles on and on (in a real funny, real drunk way) about me being a famous food writer and the one time she met Michael Jordan--all to her very confused but charming aunt who happens to own the place and cooks for the mayor/president of the island (she barrels out stories, while me and Lis stand and shove down some insanely delicious/crazy tender pork, cold rice and homemade tamales)...I then sleep like a baby turtle for 7 hours, wake up chipper as a bird and stroll the mile or so into town for an early AM Sol + a scout around (I check out the dive center, the much-talked-about Isla Contoy Captain Tony, and the bulging new condos being built on the north side), slam a frosty water and mosey back to the hotel where a few more Sol's are tossed into a make-shift cooler (ice in a plastic bag--thanks Lis!), proceed to kill a 6'er in no time flat (with Lis killin' em 2 to 1) while dozing in and out of a slightly erotic slumber and watching the waves break, manage to magically plow through 4 chapters in my book about a chef working aboard a sailboat in the Med for a summer...then toss on some flip-flops and cruise back to town for a crushed-ice (and 1/2 cup full-o-rum) mojito at a Cuban joint and then start up a peeping Tom session throughout the village to see what's new/gone/interesting, catch the brilliant sunset, somehow run to run into Ayuki (the super-cute housekeeper from Casa Ixchel who made us Tinga de Pollo our last day there in Feb. 08) and then end up at a tiny dive to have conch/fish/octopus ceviche and salbutes with rice and beans con Sol, of course. 

All this in about 24-hours and I think I left out half of it.  I love this island.















Charley--I was reading it while I was down there! How the heck could you have known what I was reading?

Charley, Houston, TX

are you reading David Shallack's "Mediterranean Summer" ....chef on a sailboat book?


In a cup with sugar...ha! it should have read!


Misty...new (ha) discovery for muddling mint! IN a cut with sugar and a hint of water, the rounded end of a whisk! It bruises so well without cutting. Just at my side when I needed to muddle! And faster! Try it, you'll love it!


Hey Nancy! I do use the Canon Powershot...a simple point and shoot. It's a bloody fantastic camera and never really fails me...but that said, I make sure my conditions are pretty spot on. I shoot almost exclusively in MACRO with food and no matter the shot, I never, ever use a flash. It's what works for me!


Do you still use a Canon Powershot? I just love how you use depth of field in your photos. Do you use the macro setting when photographing food? I can't seem to get that effect with my Olympus.


Yea! I'm so glad to see you're back on Isla. I've read your blogs from last year's trip many, many times. Viewing your photos and reading about the great times you had and the people you met helped me decide to take my first trip there next month. Can't wait to hear all about this trip. Your photos are fantastic!


Yup, most every morning after 9AM in front of Aluxes. If I'm not there, ask the blonde owner, Jenny, to give me a quick call.

Shayla K. Maroney

I love your critiques from Isla Mejenes. I see you are a true foodie. I love food, especially exotic, weird, strange, or new and interesting foods. My friends think I should be a food critic. We all laugh because I say food is my drug of choice. I watch Guy on the food network channel and have always said he has the best job because he gets to travel the U.S. and the cooks make him their favorite dishes. Travel and food....you don't get better than that! Until I read your articles. You travel the world and try all the yummy delicacies from all walks of life. Wow!! If I could walk a day in your shoes =)


Wayne, just got here! Where and how do I find you...your little coffee house you love? Aluxes, I believe?


What! You're on island and haven't called me! We must hook up this time around. (pretty please!)

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