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4th World Love Contest Almost Over!


On Monday, we announce the winner of the big 4th World Love contest!  So many amazing people from all over the globe donated a minimum of $100 to win a free trip to Indonesia this Spring.  The trip will take place in early April and will be 10 days of living like a local in Sembalun, the village on the Muslim island of Lombok that houses 4th World's first community center.

I can't believe so many folks were so generous with their cash in times like these and the good news is, you still have a few days to donate.  The website is and it's so easy to toss it on a credit card via paypal.  On my multiple trips to that village, I've had so many amazing experiences, it will be so incredible to be able to share it with someone!  It's seriously anybody's game at this point**



Girl does that Pozole place have a name?

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