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Mango Cafe - Coffee of the Kings


The best cup of coffee on Isla Mujeres has to be at Mango Cafe.  It's piping hot, it's organic and it's incredibly potent.  Lorrie is the sweetest gal and she opened this place a few months back, with her adorable man, Polo.  They've pretty much nailed it when it comes to grub.  Let's just say the food is spot on.  I mean, what can you say about french toast that is soaked overnight and comes out like a flash of lightening to satisfy all the grumbling's a stomach craving loads of SUGAR at 9 am elicits (not to mention the goblet of steaming maple syrup that rolls out with it).  And, the scent of frying bacon wafting out of the open door is enough to drive an early bird walker straight-up MAD.   So much for exercise.  They also do a really nice Monday night BBQ every week--changing up what's on the grill each and every time.  I had some of the tenderest chicken of my life there and the ginger beer she whips up is especially good with a little tipple of Nicaraguan rum--Flor de Cana (which I found downtown for $13 per bottle, to my delight).  They will also host special events for ya, on the days they are closed.  And, I can't even talk about how good the homemade strawberry shortcake is.  It hurts just thinking about it.

But, it's the addictive black gold that keeps me coming back.  Thankfully, I've found some almost as good out here in LA, at this little joint near my place called Mermaids.  Rocket fuel for the workaholic in me.

You can find Mango Cafe across from the pozole place I wrote about last week, in the center of mid-island on the East side.  Very cool place to go, I promise.  (*cowgirl, you will LOVE it and PS, I am back in my little trailer in San Miguel de Allende on April 22 for a spell, so I will be thinkin' of ya)...









Otehlia Cassidy

I can't imagine Lori and Polo doing anything but the best.


Well Carlos, you'd be surprised...I have the metabolism of a gazelle. Lucky me. But, for sure...hit me up in a few years, you never know what will happen!


MST we are here learning our way around. Yes, so far the food is great with ceviche being eaten at all oppòrtunities. We will find Mango...sooon. thanks for the tips. xoxox gina (& Cowgirl still).


Ate dinner at Mango the first two Monday nights that they were opened. It was fantastic.


Misty, if you eat all the food you write about I predict that you will get hundreds of pounds in a few years.


What a gorgeous little cafe! I'm glad they're open now, and can't wait to try it!

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