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The Face of Mexico - It's a Happy One


Mexico is once again splattered all over the news.  DON'T GO scream all the headlines.  It's so dangerous, people are being slaughtered.  Tourists are primo targets.  You'd be downright crazy to cross that border. 

All that smack is coming out of every media outlet and as I sit here in my sunny LA kitchen, I just remember the smiles.   The big, white toothy smiles of every Mexican I came across in all my travels around that lovely country.  In fact, I just got back from Mexico in February.  2 weeks of happy, pure bliss. 

Last year, I traveled SOLO for months around the country with a solar trailer strapped to the back of my truck.  I cruised down extremely dusty backroads, took precarious routes along the Sierra Madre's, and swam along lonesome stretches of sandy beaches.  Never did I fear for  my life.  Not once did I think I was gonna catch some trouble cause I was alone.  If anything, it made me travel deeper, happier...

Oh yah, there are those dozen times I've done all of Baja alone too.  Up and down the Sea of Cortez, sleeping in my truck, cruising alone down tar black 2 lane roads at midnight and then coming upon a security checkpoint in the middle of the cold, star-filled desert.  Only to skid to a stop, get out of my truck while they searched it...and laugh it up with the guards wielding machine guns.  Again, HUGE smiles.  Pretty smiles.  Curious smiles.  And, most of all, friendly smiles.

These aren't trips that were decades ago.  These are trips that happen 4-5 times a year for me.  Stay away from Mexico?  As if.  You'd be crazy if ya did.


Rob in Boston

All of this is so true...what a load of crap about how the whole country is unsafe. Back in December, CancĂșn Centro and the Isla were peaceful and blissful. When I return to the Isla in a couple of weeks, it will be the same. And I'm getting freakin' tired of explaining to friends and co-workers that I'm not gonna see any of the drug violence where I'm going. Maybe a couple of impounded boats from Cuba...but that's another issue and not a threat to a gringo like me.

Expat Mom

Well, I`m not in Mexico, but I live in Guatemala and things are heating up in the capital . . . but out where I live (on the side of a volcano), things are just fine!

Michele in Playa

Well said Misty!!! Come back soon!!

Misty is a good one. I posted this on there first...and you know what kids, I'm planning one of my PURE Pilates retreats down there in Jan or 2010. Stay tuned for details, but Yelapa is where it's at...


also, the truth about mexico dot com


Claro. Have yet to be scared even when parked on the plaza of a small town in the middle of nowhere and sleeping in the camper. Just joined in the evening festivities (food carts, vendors, kids,lovers,music) and slept like babies. In the mornings usually greeted by the local police who enjoy a tour of the rig and a pleasant conversation. It helps to attempt this in Spanish as that is the language of their country.


Actually, everyone...stay home! More room for me to play!

robert william wallenberg

Well said in all my travels in Mexico there has never been an "oh oh " momenent for me either.And i don't have a beautiful smile to get me out of trouble just a friendly manor and common sense.


LOVED this, Misty. You are so right-- and I'm so sick of everyone who's selling that smack.


Blah Blah Blah Ginger has a great post on this subject today as well.
I don't fear that I will be robbed, beaten, kidnapped or murdered while on Isla no matter what friends and family think.

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