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Sometimes I Just Need the Guarantee


That's right.  I come back to good old Indonesia time and time again cause I need to know I'm gonna witness this view every morning from my little front porch.  I need to know that funny Gary the Expat is gonna be having a hot dog at his hot dog stand and cracking up about the influx of non-American tourists every day.  I need to know that a SCUBA adventure awaits me.  I need to know I can sleep for 12 hours and not feel a lick of guilt.  I need to know that there's gonna be an afternoon shower pretty much every day.  I need to know that no matter how hectic life is back home, it slows down somewhere.  Here it is.

That said, I leave for Lombok soon and might not be able to post for a few weeks.  Rest assured, I will be back soon though...with updates from the 4th World Love community center, intel on Baby Azi, photos of the locals jammin' on the guitar that Seven from Whiskey Falls generously donated and loads of other deets from the frontlines.  Back soon, I promise...


Noel - Chicago

Your adventure looks fantastic wish I was there with you. Until then have to settle for the Chiacgo North Beach & Navy Pier.

Let Me know when you'll be arriving back in the states.

Dave Jones

Have a nice trip...Awaiting for your updates.

Michele in Playa

Have a great trip MST. Looking forward to more amazing pics and updates!!

clay h

have a great trip!

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