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Alone if Just for a Minute


Believe it or not, I'm a loner to the T.  I live alone.  I write alone. I travel alone. I just like being alone.  I take great strides to make my way thru this wild world all alone and seem to never get bored.  Ideas are born when I'm alone.  Baby seeds sprout and life takes on all the meaning its meant to have when I roll solo.  But, for the past 12 months, I've not been alone.  Not in the least.  And, it has worn me down...

I've been to Indonesia twice, I've been to Mexico twice, either with someone or working whilst there, so constantly surrounded.  I've worked 10 of those 12 months on TV shows in KY, Vegas and LA.  I've had pals staying with me, living under my same roof while we worked together.  I've just not been alone.  But, today, for the first time in months and months, I am alone.  That is until my dad and cousin get out here to LA in a few days to help me with my sailboat--which, heaven help us all, should be loaded onto a 50' semi right about now and making its way across the country to its new home.

What does alone have to do with a bunch of food photos?  Well, when I'm surrounded, it's hard to think straight.  Hard to post on The Tooth.  But today, easy.  Why?  Cause I'm dead alone.  Just enveloped by quiet.  And, I can slowly gaze at my photos and see what inspires me to share. 

Every Indo meal is a spread.  There is just no small, light meal.  It's plate after plate of homemade goodies, mostly veggies, rice, fried treats and sometimes a little specialty.  Like these itty-bitty fish.  They are caught (sometimes by naked kids) in the water reservoirs that surround the patches of farmland in Sembalun.  They they are hauled home to their respective family homes where they are then tricked out into a tasty local dish, full of flavor and heat and soul.  Just a little nasi (rice) and fiery sambal complete the package.  You don't get to eat them that often cause they are so blazing difficult to catch, but if you ever do get so lucky, relish.  

Just like I relish alone.  If only for a minute. 








thanks for diggin' the tooth. love to wander and even more, love to be alone.


I have fallen in love with your blog. I think the organization you started is awesome. Your pictures of food and travel are great. My husband and I are wanderers as well, we can't stay in one place for more than a year. Enjoy your day of peacefulness and being alone.


oh sweet burning my mouth hot sambal!! Enak!


I SO understand the "alone" need. When I tell people I'm a loner they look at me like I've lost my senses - but as a creative person, the only way for me to recharge is to seek solitude, somehow.

Good luck - sailing is definitely one way....


Give me a call sometime before 6pm is better.

Talk soon


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