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Bali from the Air +


For those of you whom will never make it to Bali, here are a few shots of this magical little island from the air.  Tickets are so cheap right now though!  And, once you are there, things are way, way cheap.  As always, if anyone wants to go over, hit me up...I will help you set up an amazing trip. 

I woke up this morning thinking about Bali, Lombok and Indo as a whole.  The people are what make it.  You've never seen such innocence and sweetness up close like that.  Preach.






Bali is on the list for our vacation within the next 18mos ... what's a good month to go? I'm not a fan of a lot of humidity but love the beach. :)
I may be hitting you up sometime in the near future for some real info. Thanks!
I've read your whole blog as if it was a book. lol. Keep posting...

Jenn V

Oh sister, I wish I could go there! Until then, I continue to travel in a virtual sense through your blog. Thanks for the tour!

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